Answer comprehensive business
questions with the ease of reading a map

Context First!

CleverAnalytics is the only cloud-based business mapping platform that translates your business intelligence data into real meaning by visualizing it in an intuitive context-first map.

It combines location-based data to provide customer intelligence and insights for geo mapping, geomarketing, location planning, network optimization, competitor analysis, and customer loyalty tracking.


How CleverAnalytics Works?


We work with your real business data. Safely, securely and under an NDA.


Your data is geo-located and combined with external data. Often from 50+ sources!


CleverAnalytics analyses a combination of all the data and displays the results on a smart map.


Data is updated automatically. You just login to use it. Anywhere, anytime.

Why Do We Develop It?

STATUS QUO Decision makers wait weeks to get column-overflowing tables and hundreds of slide presentations based on inaccurately surveyed data.
DISRUPTED However, the importance of their decisions deserves instant access to real data displayed in an easy-to-read interactive way.
TO AVOID LOSSES Bad decisions taken without these clear data insights lead to financial losses or lay-offs.
ON THE WAY TO WINNING It is instinct combined with hard data presented in a self-explanatory form that wins stakeholders, business cases, and careers.

See how companies from different industries use CleverAnalytics for their business decisions

Become a Valued Insider

Leverage CleverAnalytics to become a real expert and a valued insider of your own branch network and its market in a customer context and at a level of detail not possible before.

Start monetizing data by revealing new business opportunities and increasing the effectiveness of operations and campaigns.