Why Location Intelligence?

Location Intelligence resolves the key location-specific questions all businesses have to contend with. Managers and BI departments working in retail, banking, food/grocery delivery, insurance, telco/utility industries and transportation are constantly confronted with questions starting with that word: WHERE? Instead of relying on cumbersome approaches to traditional GIS tools, savvy professionals are now looking for next-generation location intelligence tools to answer those questions.

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What You Get

CleverAnalytics’ long-term goal is to constantly develop and improve our tools so that our partners have more time to do what they do best: take care of their clients. We provide motivation and support through a number of benefits and incentives:

  • Commissions of up to 30% from sold licences
  • Full profits as a result of implementing the CleverAnalytics platform for your clients’ projects
  • NFR licences and PoC licences for free
  • Location intelligence training and certification
  • Expert consultancy service for implementation analysis as well as pre-sales support
  • CleverAnalytics business incentives
  • Points programme for boosting commissions

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Conditions of the Partner Program

Everyone who wants to become CleverAnalytics’ partner, have to agree with Partner Program’s Terms and Conditions. In a short way,  it is about defining what is the product, who is the customer, how business cases are done, yours and our rights, or the entering and termination of participation in the Partner Program.

There are only two requirements to become our partners. First, submit the registration form, then go through the certification.


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Read: Partner Program Terms and Conditions

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It’s pretty easy! Go to a registration form, fill a few information about your self and submit it. We will contact you in two days about next steps like the certification process and support for your clients’ projects.

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