Change the way you look at retail!

CleverAnalytics enables you to display and expand your data through interactive maps, giving you more detailed view on your business locations.

When managing and developing any kind of branch network, you need to know where your current and potential customers are and the customer demographics of different areas.

Take a free trial of our new Retail Solution in Beta preloaded with sample data. Analyse branch networks by displaying store and pickup locations and get map reports with data on:

  • Market Potential and Share
  • Catchment Area Analysis
  • Customer Intelligence


    Try the Beta now

    Sign up in one simple step to access the Retail Solution Beta. All we ask you for is to take a short survey at the end of your experience with the Beta.

    • Preloaded with sample data
    • Ready for instant exploration
    • Full support provided

    We will send you the feedback survey inside the app.

    What's inside?

    Three different views

    Explore your Market Potential and Share, analyse the Catchment Area of your stores or Customer Intelligence using series of various metrics.

    Sample data

    The Beta contains sample retail data including stores and pickup locations around Birmingham, United Kingdom, ready for immediate exploration.

    Analytical tools

    Various settings, filters and analytical tools make it easy to drill down and display only the relevant data you are concerned about.