Best moments from meet up Location Intelligence made easy

Petr Bársony

CleverAnalytics and Kebooka UK hosted the meet up full of data preparation, location intelligence, retail insights and case studies from retail. The meet up was hold on 5th of July 2018 in lovely place in Twitter UK venue in central London. We believe that all introduced topics can resonated with you. Because of it, we share the full presentation, some video records from the meet up and plus more content from retail industry.

Let’s go to four case studies

Filip Gregor from Keboola UK and Ondrej Tomas from CleverAnalytics showed four case studies from two food retail companies, telco a drugstore branch networks.

Watch short video records with Filip’s and Ondrej’s speeches

Filip talking about data preparation


Filip Gregor about outputs from data explorations


Ondrej Tomas sharing insights of restaurant’s real catchment area


Ondrej Tomas about comparison two similar food network with different performance

More insights from retail industry

There is more content about working with data and location intelligence in the retail industry, that we love to share with you and start your data journey. Get more on:



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