Best Moments from Keboola Data Brunch

Petr Bársony

We were proud to be a partner of Keboola Data Brunch #2, which took place in Bratislava, Brno and Prague on 12th, 13th and 14th September. The event was organised to show how business intelligence (BI) can be implemented and its practical impact on business. Attendees included managers from FMCG retail, banking, financial services, insurance and food delivery. Here we bring you the highlights from the three days.

What happens after BI is implemented in retail?

Václav Svačina from Ascoria  presented a case study of how the Keboola connection and GoodData dashboards were implemented for the stationary retail outfit McPen. The most important part of the whole implementation process was to train all employees at McPen – from shop assistants to managers – how to work with BI dashboards. For BI to be at its most effective and helpful on a daily basis, it is crucial that a customised dashboard is allocated to every employee in the company.


BI dashboards and reports can positively influence the sales motivation of shop assistants in-store and, in turn, boost store revenues. When employees have performance benchmarks at their disposal, they are more likely to sell more goods. And although the effect is not permanent, by running motivation programmes for employees every few months, an increase in productivity can be achieved.

BI implementation helps managers save time. For instance, McPen managers used to spend a few hours a day working with Excel spreadsheets. Now they can instantly access GoodData dashboards and reports, allowing them much more time to communicate and manage employees in-store.

KPI for stores, employees motivation, cloud and data security

Following the presentation, there were many questions from the attendees, which led to discussions on interesting topics related to business intelligence and retail. The main questions were:

  • ⦁ How are the performances of stores and employees measured?
  • ⦁ What are the main KPIs in retail?
  • ⦁ With regard to systems, how are store visits tracked and evaluated?
  • ⦁ How much can BI increase revenue in retail?

Step-by-step optimization of a branch network in retail banking

Lukáš Puchrik from CleverAnalytics presented a case study on location intelligence – the optimisation of Česká spořitelna’s branch network. Before the project, Česká spořitelna used to make decisions “in-house” based on their experience and know-how of the market. Although this was a tried-and-tested method for the bank, they were also looking for a more objective and accurate way of gathering data.

They transferred all of their data sets on customer addresses, branch visits and card transactions (cards issued by Česká spořitelna comprise one-third of the market) as well as other third-party data sets to the CleverAnalytics platform. The platform’s increased indicators enabled them to evaluate their entire branch network in the context of location and to better track the individual performances of branches.

For example, when comparing two branches in a chart, metrics like customers, revenues and visits are often used. Using these metrics only, however, the branches can appear similar. But when comparing two similar branches on a map using the CleverAnalytics platform, the increased indicators provide a clearer picture. For example, the catchment area of current customers can indicate catchment area overlaps, market share and whether there is potential for opening a new branch.

Source of data sets, spots od interest and the myth about mobile operators

Following the presentation, key questions asked included:Following the presentation, key questions asked included:

  • ⦁ What data sets are required for getting started with location intelligence?
  • ⦁ What third-party data sets are available?
  • ⦁ What methodology was used to create spots of interest?
  • ⦁ How big does a company have to be to make use of location intelligence?

How to implement location intelligence

There were a lot of questions on location intelligence and how to implement it. To answer some of them, we prepared an infographic on the topic.

Lokační analýza v důležitých otázkách

Lokační analýza v důležitých otázkách

The infographic "Important Questions About Location Intelligence" in the Czech as a PDF download.

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