CleverAnalytics Launches New Version of Platform

Barbora Ambrůzová

CleverAnalytics has gone through many changes in the last few months and that’s why we’re now delighted to announce the launch of this new version of the platform. We’ve learnt a lot while working on various projects for our clients and taking on board everyone’s feedback and needs. Incorporating the newest technologies and boasting a new visual design, the application takes a leap forward with a new, modern and mature look.

The most visible progress is obvious using UI...

Our goal was to make the CleverAnalytics platform truly interactive with user-friendly and intuitive navigation.


We’ve retained the concept of the Project page as the starting point for accessing all Views, but now it’s more clearly organised. The Project page also enables users to access the Help center, support, data model visualisation and user rights management.


In View, the map has become the central visualisation element. It’s been given maximum space and the Infopanel now works as an add-on. The content of the Infopanel allows users to fully interact with the map and vice versa.


The Infopanel displays Indicators relevant to View. Every Indicator value can be visualised across the map and drilled via several types of Blocks in the Infopanel.


Block types in the new version:

Distribution shows count occurrences of the Indicator values.


Ranking offers a complete summary of group of objects - all sorted by Indicator value.


Time series displays the progress of an Indicator value over a selected period of time.


Categories allows users to examine Indicator values when searching for various dimensions.


Other block types due for release soon!


To better understand your data you can set as many filters as you wish or choose the desired time period in every View. You can also set the required level of administrative divisions up to single points in the granularity menu and easily change the settings as you explore your data in geospatial context.


The interactivity of the map not only lies in its interconnection with Indicators, Blocks and filters, but now when you hover across any object on the map, tooltip displays the name of the object. It also shows the value of the selected Indicator and its Fitness. Fitness helps you to quickly assess the overall condition of any object among other objects.


tl:dr? Watch our video tutorial.


… but the background has shifted too.

What’s new?

  • Our Data and metadata model with logical structure.
  • Use of metadata metrics - every Indicator is a numeric metric representation counted ad hoc (e.g. the number of customers or average purchase value).
  • Data enrichment of date dimensions, demographics and administrative divisions.
  • Data are automatically indexed and available for fulltext search in the platform.
  • Use of vector tiles technology from mapBox enables global high-resolution maps, fast map-loading and efficient caching.



Improvement in user support

  • Our in-app Tour is a guide through the basic features and concepts to help users get more familiar with the platform.
  • Our in-app support connects users with a real person from CleverAnalytics who’s there to answer any questions during working hours.
  • Our ever-expanding Help center featuring articles and tutorials to help answer common troubleshooting questions.
  • Our Documentation for developers and CleverAnalytics Shell CLI tool make the platform available to any advanced users interested in setting up their own project using CleverAnalytics platform. Ready to create your own project? Just follow the instructions in tutorial.


Interested in finding out what CleverAnalytics can do for your business? Why not meet Maros live online for a 1-on-1 demo and see how CleverAnalytics works? Or just sign-up here and explore the demo project on your own.


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