It’s about time to talk about.. dates!

Barbora Ambrůzová

Dates 📆 are a crucial part of your projects and play a role on every dashboard. In sales, you might need to explore purchases that have been made during the first quarter of the year. That, or maybe display orders made by customers who have signed up after receiving a flyer.

Another example could be in delivery business, where it may be important to know which orders were delayed during Friday's rush hour, and at which locations. Or when considering branch network optimization and expansion, you will want to know how branches in a specific area have been performing since they were renovated. Did the turnover increase after opening new branch on street A in city B? Has there been any impact on internal competition between existing branches and the new one that just opened up?

Every data model has dates and therefore it's an important data point to know when you are aggregating and comparing data. That's why we are excited to show you how you can work with dates inside CleverAnalytics!

Working with dates inside CleverAnalytics

In any view you can set up date parametersfilter data by date, or to see the changes of any indicator during range of dates. Read more in Help center.

Display data for specific time period

Global date lets you set up the range of dates that you want to see inside the view. It affects all indicators on the infopanel.

You can set up start- and end-dates by increments of days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. The global date enables you to switch from absolute to relative date ranges (e.g. last 7 days, past week) directly in the views without the need to enter new parameters. Find out more about relative dates in DevDoc.


Explore progress through time

Indicator drills enable you to display block time series that helps you to track the progress of the chosen indicator thorugh time.


It is also possible to display an additional line within the time series of dates that can help you explore if the desired value has been reached. It can also compare the current indicator values to the average. Find out more about additional time series in DevDoc.


Filter data according to time

Inside global date you can set it up to show only customers who registered into your loyalty program in March. In date filter you can set it up so you see only the customers who signed up in March and made an order during last week of March. Find out more about date filters in DevDoc.


Date dimension

At CleverAnalytics we support more date dimensions in the data model and those can be imported directly into your project. Check out the date dimensions and other data dimensions provided be CleverAnalytics in DevDoc.

Know where the date and other data refer to

You can easily recognize where do the data come from without leaving the view and searching in the data model. This feature is available inside Global date, Granularity, and Filters. For further details refer to our Help center.


What's next?

Enjoy exploring the wonderful world of spatial data with CleverAnalytics! 😊


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