SAP Startup Forum

Martin Tesar

On Tuesday, we participated at our fist public startup forum where we got a chance to introduce CLEVER°MAPS ’as a young inovative company bringing new view to linking information.

Equipped with a short, 3-minute presentation, we headed up to SAP Startup Forum to fight with 12 other companies for the favour of the jury in three categories, „Best Pitch“, „Most Innovative Solution“ and „Best Big Data Solution“. Competition was tough, presentations fabulous, atmoshpere inspirative and the winner in „Best Big Solution“ category became our CLEVER°MAPS’. „Most Innovative Solution“ category was won by founders of IPN (Intgelligent Predictive Networks) project which can predict a failure of particular components and therefore optimize maintenance of these machines based on data collection from the sensors. Besides victory, we also took away several excellent impulses, useful information but most of all we met lots of wonderful people who believe, the same as we do, that once their solution will be used by many satisfied

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