How We See The Future of Online-Offline Connections

Petr Bársony

Ondřej Tomas, CEO of CleverAnalytics, was recently invited to speak about online-offline connections at the Czech Internet Forum. The conference, which took place in Prague on 19th October 2017, is the foremost event in the Czech Republic to focus on the latest trends in the online world. The Czech Internet Forum´s General Partner was the MindForge Technology Hub from the Natland Group.

Slides of the presentation (in the Czech language)

The modern retailer uses e-shops and e-commerce players to assess network locations and store tools. Therefore, the physical location of e-commerce customers is becoming increasingly important.

Retailers in the B2C sector now want to know how store locations affect online performance and vice versa. More and more business questions now start with the world “where”. Location intelligence is the only answer as it provides a comprehensive analysis of business performance and potential.

When evaluating how customers use websites, the best solution is Google Analytics. When searching for a location intelligence platform, it’s CleverAnalytics. The CleverAnalytics solution is unique in that it merges different data sets - including CRM strategies, Google Analytics data, customer loyalty programmes, delivery addresses and open demographic data - and visualises all information in the form of interactive maps.  


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