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DataSentics creates value by using data analysis and machine learning to innovate its clients’ businesses and internal processes. DataSentics’ data engineers and mathematicians integrate themselves into the internal teams of their clients to provide real-time solutions and fast results.


Missing spatial context

More than 80% of all business data has some form of location element, but only about 0.5% of this data is commonly included in business analysis. Analysing that data on a map can bring the missing spatial context and a lot of added value to DataSentics' clients.

Coming up with Location Intelligence (LI) solutions

Based on their prior experiences with their clients, analysts from DataSentics have decided to enhance their solution with location analysis.

"Ever since we first started working with CleverAnalytics, we’ve seen many more satisfied and repeat clients. Right away, they can see the value in what the product provides: ad-hoc analysis of large quantities of data from a variety of sources - and all displayed intuitively on an interactive map. "

Hubert Šváb
Senior Data Science Architect

"Both we, and our clients, can see the difference in the results that this brings."


One-of-a-kind platform

Datasentics was looking for:

  • An easy to use solution
  • Quick turnaround time from project conception to analysis
  • A logical and multidimensional data model
  • A highly secure cloud-based application
  • A platform designed for Big and Open Data

CleverAnalytics met the conditions and offered a unique ad-hoc analysis directly on a map.

How it works
The data was loaded into the application using a prepared format. Any user was able to perform analysis on the fly, simply adjusting the settings, metrics, and search criteria. The analysis in CleverAnalytics can be as granular as the given data and users imagination allow for. As an example, you could choose to see data for branches who are more than 10 km apart and whose monthly turnover is over CZK 500,000. Because of this, DataSentics could perform this analysis themselves in realtime, saving both time and money.

All results are fully exportable to other BI tools allowing DataSentics to save, collaborate, or share easily and effectively.


It brings new business

Enhancing BI reporting with location analysis
By incorporating CleverAnalytics into their "BI toolkit,” DataSentics combined third-party data with client data to enable holistic and ad hoc analysis and visualisation on a map.

Unique way to optimize a branch network
Thanks to that CleverAnalytics provided unique special context, which helped DataSentics especially when optimizing their clients' retail branch networks.

New business
Using CleverAnalytics platform with interactive maps, DataSentics was able to offer valuable insights and analysis which directly impacts their clients' bottom line. It helped DataSentics develop incremental revenue streams by upselling their current clients and also addressing new ones.

"We are very happy with the results from this last year, which has included successful projects with Ceska Sporitelna (Erste Group), as well as with the Asahi Group and Moneta Bank."

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