Business Data
on the Map

CleverAnalytics is the only location intelligence and analysis platform driven by the business cases of CEOs, COOs, Network, Expansion, and Marketing executives. It combines location and business data, analyzes it and displays it in its real context using a smart map.

Only immediately accessible and easy-to-read customer and prospect insights remove the common pains of lengthy waiting for inaccurate and complex data understood differently by each stakeholder.

Beneath the Surface

We use Mapbox's smooth, real-time rendered map that removes the clutter by well‑balanced cartography.



Smart Map Visualization

A picture is worth thousand words. A story told by a map surpasses both of them. A map developed by cartographers, not programmers.

Advanced Business Analysis

Business-driven metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks that you didn't even think you could have ready for you.

Big Data Ready

Datasets from dozens of external data sources uniquely combined for you. All updates covered by us.

Commercial Data

Integrate data from commercial providers such as navigation vendors, mobile app vendors or telecom companies.

Fast Delivery

Swift delivery of your project as maps, data-sets, methodologies, and metrics is already in place.


UX/UI pundit drives our product from the beginning. We are turning business users into GIS experts.

Easy Integration

Open platform with REST API. Seamless integration with dozens products, including Salesforce, Magento or Silverpop, through the Keboola connector.

Unlimited users

No shared accounts due to strict pricing. Democratize data among your company and give a common language to all stakeholders.

Cloud Based

No downloads, no installs, opens in your favorite browser. All data securely parked in Amazon Cloud; never worry about your data being hacked or compromised.

How CleverAnalytics Works?


We work with your real business data. Safely, securely and under an NDA.


Your data is geo-located and combined with external data. Often from 50+ sources!


CleverAnalytics analyses a combination of all the data and displays the results on a smart map.


Data is updated automatically. You just login to use it. Anywhere, anytime.